in Neustadt

Welcome to PETZ, the boulder gym in Neustadt!


Climbing is a sport for everyone.


We want to put this maxim into practice at PETZ so that everyone finds their field of activity – beginners enjoy the easier routes and get used to the height, experts try their hand at the difficult routes that we usually set on a weekly basis. Children from the age of six (sometimes even younger) can find “their” sport here, which they will hopefully practise regularly, guided by our trainers or their parents.

Bouldering is climbing in its purest form.

It is focused on the movement and combination of head and body in tackling the vertical walls (and overhangs). One aspect of bouldering’s recent success is certainly that, unlike other types of school sports, it is not standardised in any way, but allows individual leeway in its practice.

We wish you lots of fun bouldering!